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My name is Alex and photography is one of my hobbies. Alex Stock Photography was born a long time ago, when the ability to sell your photos for commercial purpose just arises. You should remember all of these sites. Initially, I’ve started to sell my works on my own site. This is how I got involved in web programming and all this crap. Along with this site I’ve started to sell my photos on commercial sites, including Istockphoto, Getty Images and so on. And it was quite successful and I could payback 2 or 3 cameras, which I bought in different years. I found myself not to be a complete looser in stock, nature and architectural photography. Also, spent some time on macro shooting, playing with spacer rings. But some time later I almost stopped shooting and used Iphone cameras time to time.

Right now I’m uploading my whole collection of stock and travel photography to my site. Everyone is welcome to visit my site and can take my works absolutely for free for non commercial use on the internet. Just only one condition is the hard link to my travel blog site. I think it is generous proposal.


Waterfall in Nijmegen
Waterfall in Nijmegen

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